Garden design services

Aftercare services

Whether you're looking for a planted container to brighten up your doorstep, you want to encourage wildlife, grow your own fruit and veg, refurbish an overgrown or unloved area, or completely redesign your front or back garden, I can help you find the right design solutions and make them real.


I'll spend time understanding what you would like, what your budget is, and how your garden fits into your lifestyle and tastes. 

A garden design project usually involves the following steps:

  • Initial visit to discuss the space you have, what you're looking for, how you'd like to use the space, what your rough budget is

  • I'll send you an initial proposal based on our first meeting, setting out my initial understanding of your brief, my design fee and services I will provide

  • If you'd like to proceed, I'll send you a more formal written proposal with the Society of Garden Designers standard Terms of Engagement

  • To get started, I'll visit you again to have a more detailed discussion about your requirements and draw up a client brief

  • I'll carry out a site survey to take accurate measurements, draw up a site plan and note the key features of your outdoor space

  • I'll prepare an design for your approval,using CAD scale drawings, present it to you and make amendments as needed 

  • I'll prepare a detailed planting plan showing the proposed plants to be used and detailed information about each one

  • If there are hard landscaping works to be carried out, I can help you find the right contractor.

  • I carry out all my own planting.

  • I will provide you with advice on how to look after the plants in your new garden. I also offer an aftercare service to ensure your garden flourishes and gives you enduring pleasure

I'm very flexible in my approach and these stages can be simplified for smaller jobs to suit you.

I use a website called Shoot Gardening to help me select the right plants and to communicate and collaborate with clients. It also allows me to provide you with personalised month-by-month care advice by email for all the plants in your garden for a small additional fee for one year.

I offer a garden audit / consultancy service and will provide you with a written report evaluating your current garden space and providing suggestions to improve it, for a fixed fee.

A garden designer can start a garden well but even the most "low maintenance" garden needs skilled ongoing care to get established and flourish. Newly planted gardens need particular care and management to settle in.


I offer a professional aftercare service to make sure your garden looks great and continues to flourish. I provide a range of services either as a one-off or on a regular basis including:


  • pruning small trees and shrubs at the right time to improve their shape and encourage healthy new growth

  • cutting back old growth to encourage new season growth

  • lifting, dividing and replanting plants that have become overcrowded 

  • weeding and mulching beds and borders

  • replanting container-grown plants and refreshing the compost to give plants a new lease of life

  • adding new plants or replacing old plants past their best

  • laying a new natural turf lawn

  • lawn care

  • bulb planting

  • I use quality plants suited to your garden conditions from reputable and specialist nurseries

  • I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

  • I can devise a tailored annual maintenance plan for your garden covering all the regular seasonal tasks required to keep it in great shape with periodic visits.

    I aim to create and maintain gardens in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. This means encouraging clients to support biodiversity, use sustainable materials, harvest rainwater in water butts, add a compost bin, reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides and make design and aftercare choices that help tackle and mitigate the climate emergency.